In 2008 I received the following letter from a military wife whose husband had been deployed overseas shortly after ordering a corn toss set from us at Custom Corn Toss.


My name is Katie Beamer. My husband, Seth, ordered a Custom Cornhole from you about a month ago. He was deployed to Iraq a few days later. He and his company are currently stationed in an area where they have no running water, let alone phone and internet. They’re trying to make fun for themselves as best they can. My husband had made his own cornhole set before he deployed and brought it to his company’s Sending Off Party. Many of them had never played but were soon addicted! I thought it would be great to order them a custom cornhole with their company crest and have it sent to Iraq . I would love to speak with you about the possibility of doing this, and what the cost to me might be. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks in advance for your time!


When I got this email from Katie I knew we had to help out as much as possible, so I told Katie that we would be more than happy to donate a set with his company’s crest. A short time later I received another email from a deployed troop Brian Geschke who was asking us to donate a set for his company. These requests were so inspiring that we sought out to find people that wanted to help pay for the cost of manufacturing and shipping the games. Seth and Brian sent letters and pictures of their companies playing in Iraq that you can see on our website. It made us at Custom Corn Toss feel rewarded to give a little back to those who give up so much for us day in and day out.

Our mission soon became clear, and Cornhole For Troops was born. We are currently fundraising through many different efforts and avenues. From tournaments to 50/50 raffles, our goal is clear: bring cornhole to as many men and women of the armed forces as possible.

This website has been designed to allow soldiers currently serving our country put in requests for Cornhole sets. We believe with your help we can fill every request. We have faith that the American people will help us in this venture. No donation is too large or too small. At the very least, we can provide a temporary distraction to men and women in places that aren’t always so welcoming or comfortable. Please help out as much as you can.